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In the initial contact meeting we will assess clients needs to gain an understanding of the project.  Septima Developments has close relationships with highly experienced draftsmen and architects who can help our clients with design and initial feasibility of their desired projects.  Once a design has been implemented we can then begin the tender /quotation stage for the project.

Tender/ quotation stage

  • Clearly outline what is involved in the quotation with specific details
  • Outline any causes for concern or any potential problems
  • Outline any recommendations for material choices etc
  • Outline any key areas for cost saving
  • Provide a quotation of overall construction cost

This time and detail spent helps improve accuracy of quotations and creates a strong foundation for a hassle free construction process moving forward.

Construction phase

  • The project is scheduled prior to construction so that site activities remain on set target dates as agreed with the client.

Regular communication is kept with the client throughout the construction phase to ensure the client is always up to date on the progress of the project as well as involved with the resolution of any issues that may arise.


  • Septima Developments prides itself on good customer feedback and referrals, so great care is taken to ensure client satisfaction is upheld through to completion of the project.